Our purpose:
Long Term Relationships | Sustainable solutions

History of FPM

Established in 1988, the FPM group of companies is an innovative, specialist and trusted provider

We provide risk, wealth management, fiduciary, short term insurance and employee benefits solutions for individuals and businesses. Our clients are always at the centre of everything we do, ensuring that we provide the best possible service and the most suitable solutions to meet their specific requirements and objectives.

Our Purpose

We have 6 values which are important to us, our community and our world, and these are represented as such:

Service Excellence

At FPM we value the lion, the King of the Jungle to represent our clients. We ensure that service excellence is key in advising and assisting our clients.


We as individuals cannot achieve alone what we can achieve together. Just as the buffalo works in a herd, we at FPM are committed to helping one another, and assisting our clients holistically.


The leopard is a unique animal, each having their own distinct spots on their bodies. We embrace the uniqueness aspect of the leopard, as we respect and appreciate individuality. We also strive to provide a unique service for our clients and ensure to do the right thing every time.


Just as the rhino is a rare species needing protection, we at FPM understand the value of sustainability. We encourage sustainable investments and assist our clients in making financially sustainable choices for their portfolios.

Community and Charity

An elephant herd sticks together and helps one another. At FPM we relate to the elephant's sense of community and caring nature, as we do everything we can to provide assistance to the community and support those in need. We hold special value in charity work and understand the important role we play in uplifting our community in various ways. We make choices for the sustainability of our business for our team, and clients for the long term.


The Cheetah – our most recent addition to the Big 6 (previously Big 5) is the animal with the most speed and agile demeanor. The cheetah inspired us during the current Covid pandemic to realize the importance of acting swiftly in urgent times and ensuring to remain agile in these ever-changing environments.

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