April 8, 2019

Smash – and – grab

Currently smash – and – grab is a phrase most motorist know and unfortunately many have experienced personally.  A smash and grab incident can turn a […]
October 10, 2017

De-mist-ifying Windscreens

The windscreen is an important safety feature on your vehicle. Unfortunately, the questionable state of some of our roads can result in frequent chipping and cracking […]
July 10, 2017

Car pools and lift clubs

Who is liable if someone is injured, disabled or killed? The Importance of having the correct driving licence and insurance cover, if the vehicle is being […]
June 1, 2017

Are we outsourcing our best life?

After having to spend a lot of time at home recently, I’ve had the opportunity to do some introspection and reflection. This has helped me to […]
September 28, 2016

How to get your “work-life balance” right

In our office, most of us are woman. So the phrase “work-life balance” comes up often. Judging by our discussions on the subject, it’s tough to […]
October 7, 2015

Reduce the risk of breast cancer with regular check-ups

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase the awareness of the disease. Cancer is a complex, life-threatening disease which affects millions of […]
October 7, 2015

Protect yourself financially against critical illness

Critical Illness Cover (previously known as “Dread Disease Cover”) pays you a capital amount in the event you’re diagnosed with a dread disease. The portion paid […]
April 7, 2015

Give your dog the magic touch

How to overcome problem behaviour with TTouch and clicker training Excerpt from an article by Sarah Fisher first published in Animaltalk magazine, 2009: “In reality, most […]
April 7, 2015

The life lessons that my dog has taught me

By Kate Wood My beloved Pomeranian, Puff, turned eleven years old this spring. I got her when I was 22, and she’s been a constant companion […]