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March 9, 2018

Being pregnant is an exciting and important time in any woman’s life and a time when one does not want to worry about medical cover. In 2018 Discovery Health members, on all plans, will have access to comprehensive maternity benefits, with support through the “My Pregnancy and My Baby” programmes; offered on the Discovery app. The new Maternity Benefit covers at the Discovery Health rate the following healthcare services without affecting your day to day benefits, depending on plan type.

During Pregnancy

  • Antenatal consultations: Members are covered for up to 12 gynaecologist, GP or midwife visits, based on plan type selected.
  • Ultrasound scans and prenatal screening: Members are covered for up to two 2D ultrasound scans and one Nuchal Translucency or Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) screening
  • Blood tests: Cover for a defined list of routine blood tests
  • Private Ward cover: Members on the Executive and Comprehensive plans have cover for up to R 1880.00 per day in a private ward.
  • Essential registered devices: Executive and Comprehensive plans have cover up to R5000 for devices such as breast pumps and smart thermometers with a 25% co-payment.

For two years after birth

  • GP and specialist visits: Babies are covered for up to two visits with a GP, paediatrician or and ENT. Cover depends on plan selected.
  • Six-week consultation: Members are covered for one six-week post-birth consultation with a midwife, GP of gynaecologist
  • Nutrition Assessment: Members are covered for one assessment with a dietician
  • Lactation consultation: Members are covered for one lactation consultation with a registered nurse or lactation specialist.
  • Mental Health: Members are covered for up to two mental health consultations with a counsellor or psychologist.

In order to access the benefits, the member would need to activate My Pregnancy or/and My Baby programmer on the website or the Discovery app.

Carolyn Seely
Medical Aid Administrator
FPM Employee Benefits
011 778 9300


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