Travel insurance: Your guardian angel whilst traveling

Beach, sea and sun for some while others may prefer white snow filled mountains and a set of skis to relax and rejuvenate after a long, hard year.

With all the excitement and anticipation – have you taken time to consider your travel insurance needs?

Getting injured or falling ill whilst overseas can be an expensive exercise, particularly when you have to convert your hard earned Rands into Dollars, Pound or Euros.

Most medical aids do not cover you once you leave South Africa’s borders or, if they do, you have to cough up the medical expenses yourself and claim on your medical aid when you return. The medical aid cover for expenses incurred whilst travelling is very limited.

Imagine getting stranded with a broken leg whilst trekking in Nepal. Travel insurance provides cover for emergency medical evacuation and hospital admission via a worldwide network of Assistance Service providers so that you do not have to drain your travel funds should you find yourself facing such an emergency.

You could find yourself in a situation where you have a death in the family or you fall ill before you leave and have to delay or cancel your trip – or you have to curtail your trip and return to South Africa due to illness resulting in additional costs of accommodation and amended flight bookings.

Travel Insurance typically provides the following benefits:

  • Emergency medical and related expenses including medical expenses, medical transportation, compassionate visits by family members and repatriation, burial, cremation or return of mortal remains.
  • An Accidental Death & Permanent Disability Benefit
  • Journey cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Legal expenses protection whilst traveling
  • Luggage loss or delay

You should buy travel insurance as soon as you pay anything towards the trip (be it airfares or accommodation deposits) as the cancellation benefit kicks in immediately on issue of the policy, even if it is six months before you travel. You may also have to provide proof of travel insurance in order to obtain a visa. Credit cards often provide some travel insurance cover, but it is limited and restricted to the cardholder.

At FPM, we work with the leading suppliers of travel insurance and we will find the best possible cover options to suit your needs.

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