As winter began to make itself felt, the questions started about what we were going to knit this year?

After much debate around the merits of knitting or crocheting and taking into account that some were not such experienced crafters, it was decided on scarves for the Fairlands Children’s Home in Linden. The number of boys, the number of girls and ages were all tallied – we needed to get wool that would appeal to 7-year-old boys and 16-year-old girls!

Excited ladies and two gents were eager to collect wool and get started. The first scarf was completed within five days and our target of making one for each child was becoming a reality.

Wool needles and crochet hooks were the order of the day for the next four months as every spare moment became an industrious one. Tea breaks were just enough time to add a couple more rows or stitches. Our two bags of wool soon became two piles of scarves – there were long ones and short ones and fat ones and thin ones and colourful ones and stripped ones and ones with tassels. A couple of rather interesting looking ones also arrived, but after some remedial therapy looked like true creations. They were beautiful – and thanks to all the moms, aunties, grannies, wives and friends that were roped in to assist, we were very pleased to finally deliver two bags containing nearly 50 scarves.

Thank you to everyone for the dedication and time given to make others feel as warm and cosy as we did this winter.

Just as I thought our knitting project was over for 2017 I heard a cherry “What do you think we should do for the next knitting project?’ And so, the ideas have started being talked about again.

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