Mandela Day 2017

At FPM, we take our commitment to corporate social responsibility very seriously. We understand the importance of giving back, both as a company and as individuals. Although we tackle various giving-back initiatives throughout the year, there is a lot of hype and excitement around Mandela Day. Our aim is to always try and do something that is needed, but that also takes us out of our comfort zone.

Two years ago, we painted the boundary wall of the Hospice Wits premises and we did such a great job that Hospice asked us to come back this year and paint their therapy and counselling rooms. Of course, we took up the challenge. There was excitement and a buzz in the office arranging different painting teams and allotting everyone their 67 minutes of painting fame.

One of the typical problems with giving-back initiatives for Mandela Day is that companies or individuals take part in various activities, but often overlook the very necessary preparation work. As with most maintenance jobs, if the preparation is not correct you may as well not bother to do the job because it will not last and you will need to return the following Mandela Day to do the job again.

Because we are a company that does things properly, our first step was to get the walls suitably prepared for painting. Our property maintenance guru, George Nkosi, and his team spent a couple of days before Mandela Day at Hospice Wits preparing the walls, carefully filling cracks and creating a smooth palette for the FPM team to get their overalls on and start rolling.

When you watch someone else paint a room, it looks quite simple. When you are armed with a roller-brush and start rolling, it’s much harder work than it looks – like doing mild push-ups and squats as you bend and stretch to apply the paint with the roller, over and over again. While you might end up with a sore arm and back, and your clothes and shoes full of paint, you’ll definitely have a smile on your face!

Phew, a tough job for us desk jockeys, that’s for sure! Give us investments to plan, assets to cover and employees to protect – we can almost do it in our sleep. The day was fun, and most importantly, Hospice Wits now have freshly painted therapy and counselling rooms.

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