2017 – A new year and new goals

A2Time to reach for gold!

As at the end of 2016, Discovery Health has accumulated volumes of data that has shown that their Vitality programme offers so much more than just discounts and rewards for points earned.

The Vitality programme uses a unique combination of clinical evidence, behavioural economics and actuarial experience to consider the global epidemic of rising chronic conditions and lifestyle.

Through fitness and healthy diet the Vitality programme incentivises members to make healthy choices. The statistics have shown that the higher the level you obtain, the healthier you become.

The average life expectancy now for members on Vitality is 81 years and those who achieve either the Gold or Diamond Status have an average life expectancy of 87 years compared to the 67 years of the SA insured population.

So, simply put Vitality members on average, are living longer than non-Vitality members.

Changes have been introduced for 2017

Single member points thresholds 2016 2017
Bronze 15000 10000
Silver 35000 30000
Gold 45000 45000
Platinum Reach Gold for three years in a row

The on-line assessments which previously could earn up to 5500 points have been collapsed into a single online assessment for Vitality Age worth 2500 points.

The non-smoking declaration too, has shifted away from an online tick box, and will going forward to form part of the in-person Vitality check at pharmacies, Discovery Stores or Corporate wellness days.

For the fitness category, the fitness assessment will be more in-depth and members will be required to use a treadmill or Wattbike to measure cardiorespiratory fitness. This will replace the old step and push-up tests.

The maximum points for this assessment will be 7500. However, beyond the assessment the annual limit of 30000 fitness points remains.

By tracking your physical activity, you will continue to earn rewards (Kauai smoothies/coffees, Vida e caffe drinks and Mugg and Bean drinks and Ster Kinekor popcorn, which are soon be launched), if you have activated Active rewards.

Consultation with a dietician will yield 1000 points in 2017, dental health check 1000 points, Healthy Food items 1000 points per month and weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers 150 points (max 3000 per year).

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Reaching Gold Status may take a bit longer to obtain in 2017, but will be well worth the effort.

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