Boys and their toys

a1The month of November is focused on men’s health and specifically the fact that many men suffer and die from cancer unnecessarily. This is really important and while we support the Movember drive wholeheartedly and have a challenge in our office to see who can grow the best moustache, we would like to highlight that grown-up boys can still enjoy their toys in amongst the other issues we need to be concerned about, like our health!

Even in the economic times we find ourselves, there are plenty of toys that we boys can accumulate. We can derive enjoyment from these toys as well as achieve an acceptable investment return at the same time from these toys which also fall into the alternative investment space.

In the world of alternative investments these days new asset classes have become the norm. These new classes of assets are classic cars, art in many forms, fine wine, stamps, rare coins and several others. These alternative classes have become mainstream to the extent that indices in established financial centres, such as London, have been established to track values and movements of the assets that make up the indices.

The exciting opportunity here is that most of these investments are US dollar denominated assets so they prove to be a hedge against a volatile Rand and there is a small but concentrated market for converting the asset to cash.

It must be said that we are not alternative asset or “boy toy” specialists but we can refer you to specialists who we trust if you have an interest. Please call us if you have an interest in expanding your portfolio into the alternative space and in the meantime, let’s have fun and look after our health!

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Wayne Visser
Managing Director
FPM Risk and Wealth Management
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