National Wills Week

A4It is National Wills week from the 12th to the 16th September 2016 and this date carries an important reminder to us all to ensure we have an up to date Last Will and Testament.

Having a valid Will is a very important component of any individual financial plan. It is crucial to make sure your Will is valid and current as this document details your wishes in the event of your death. Your Will, managed by your executor under guidance of the Master of the High Court, ensures your assets are left to those heirs you wish to benefit. It can prevent confusion regarding your estate and also hopefully help avoid family feuds about the devolution of your assets.

When you give instructions regarding the drafting of your Will this is also the opportunity to consider the estate planning opportunities that may exist for your set of circumstances.

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Wayne Visser
Managing Director
FPM Fiduciary Services (Pty) Ltd


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