Making time to create sunshine

A1You may recall from our July newsletter that as FPM, we pledged to complete 670 hours to stitching or knitting items for the less privileged. I am very happy to report we have smashed our target and in doing so we achieved 722 hours of “give-back” time and made cot quilts, blankets, scarves and beanies.

We are so committed to doing what we can to make a difference in our community and although we can only allocate a certain budget to these initiatives it is refreshing to see how much time we have given – and as we all know time is a precious commodity.

To acknowledge the ongoing efforts of our team and their creative activities, now and in the future, we have designed our own label which you see on the picture if you look closely. We will work towards having more pieces of clothing and other handy items carrying our “brand” of commitment to the community being given to the less privileged.


Venetia Buissinne
Financial Director
FPM Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd
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