Our 670 hours’ campaign

A5.3One of our Big 5 values at FPM is the “spirit of giving back”.  If you have visited our offices you would have noticed that each of our core values has one of the big 5 animals in the African bush as the value symbol.  It goes without saying that the symbol for giving back and making a difference in our community is the Elephant.  Anyone who is privileged enough to have visited one of our national parks knows that the elephant is a force to be reckoned with in the environment.  We have the same philosophy when it comes to the impact we have in our community – we want to be big and strong and have a meaningful impact.

We don’t just talk our values; we walk the talk.  We continually have charitable events on the go.  Whether it is knitting squares for a blanket initiative for an old age home or safe house for children, making beanies for a homeless association, the collection of products for an animal shelter or a fundraiser to help someone achieve their much needed dream – we are always doing something that will make a difference in someone’s life because that is what we want to do.

Each year we have participated in the 67 Minutes for Mandela campaign – in years past we have painted the boundary walls for Hospice Houghton, created a better play area for children at a school, ran a soup kitchen for the day. But this year we are doing things differently.  We aren’t focusing on 67 minutes or a day but rather allocating 670 hours of our time to giving back.

There are many initiatives on the go and these are mostly creative in nature.  We have Rangers knitting squares, crocheting blankets, making scarfs, cot quilts, toiletry bags, book bags and teddy bears. We will keep you updated on our achievements as we go along with our challenges and what else we are doing.

If you are the creative type and would like to join our creative team let us know – we’ll get you crafting for a cause in no time.

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Financial Director


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