Better health and healthcare for your children in 2016

A4BA primary focus for all parents should be ensuring good health for their children.

Discovery Health has introduced a number of new benefits for 2016 that are tailor-made for children.


  1. Kids’ emergency assistance benefit

If you have children younger than 10 years, they will be covered from available day-to-day benefits and have an additional two visits a year from the Insured Network Benefit.

The hospital facility fee and any consumables will be covered as part of the GP consultation.

(This benefit will apply to members on the Classic and Executive plans but excludes the Classic Core option)

  1. Kids’ video-call consultations benefit

If your children are younger than 10 years, they will be covered for after-hours video-call consultations with participating network paediatricians.

Consultations will be paid from available day-to-day benefits, but should you have no savings left, video-call consultations will be paid from the Insured Network Benefit, provided you make use of a network paediatrician.

(This benefit applies to members on the Classic and Executive plans but excludes the Classic Core option)

  1. Kids’ screening benefit

The screening and prevention benefit has been improved to include children.

Age-based screening tests, such as growth assessment tests, will be covered from this benefit.

These tests will include height, weight, head circumference, health and milestone tracking.

(This benefit is available on all Discovery Health plans)

  1. Kids’ electronic health record

As a parent you’ll know that you often need to refer back to particular health information when submitting a school application or during a medical emergency when specific dates and treatments are required.

This electronic health record is a trusted source of wellness information spanning your child’s entire life.

It will include records of doctors’ visits, vaccinations, hospitalisations, and medicine, providing a complete health and physical overview of your child.

This valuable source of consolidated data will be useful to parents and healthcare professionals alike.

Should you have Vitality on your membership, you’ll enjoy R250 to spend at a HealthyLiving partner of your choice if you complete the following between 1 January and 30 April 2016:

  • Kids’ Vitality Health review
  • Kids’ Vitality Health check
  • Dental Health check
  • HealthID consent

(HealthyLiving benefits need to be activated by 30 April 2016)

Children mirror their parents’ behaviour when it comes to physical inactivity and poor nutrition. Habits created in childhood often continue into adulthood, so let’s make 2016 a year where families take care of themselves, eat well, and get active.

Carolyn Seely
Medical Aid Administrator
086 1111 376

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