Protect yourself financially against critical illness

A2BCritical Illness Cover (previously known as “Dread Disease Cover”) pays you a capital amount in the event you’re diagnosed with a dread disease. The portion paid to you is calculated according to the severity of your condition. These policies cover a vast range of critical conditions.

Use the pay-out as you choose

The proceeds are unrelated to your medical scheme and the money may be used for anything you choose.

Of course, you may opt to use the money towards more advanced treatment or to cover medical shortfalls. However, if you feel that paying off your debt or taking a trip to Mauritius may assist your healing, then you are free to do so.

Getting better can take longer than your sick leave allows

The nature of a dread disease usually requires you to take lengthy sick leave in order to recuperate.  However, sick leave is limited and employers are not compelled to pay your salary once you have exceeded your quota.

This is when the pay-out from your policy makes all the difference.

The advancement of modern medicine means that many of the previously fatal diseases and conditions have become treatable and curable. Previously one’s policy would pay out on death or after the fact, but Critical Illness Cover pays you upon diagnosis while you are alive.

We highly recommend Critical Illness Cover to our clients as we have seen the benefit and the difference it can make during difficult and uncertain times.

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gemmaGemma De Luca
Paraplanner and Fiduciary Specialist

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