The FPM Education Foundation

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

– Nelson Mandela

When we decided on the five foundations of the FPM culture, we identified that giving back to our community is extremely important to all of us, so being “community-spirited” is one of our Big-5 values.

Although we participate in various charitable events throughout the year as part of our social responsibility programme, our main focus is education. As a result the FPM Education Foundation was born.

Our mission

To give those less fortunate an opportunity to reach educational excellence through financial, practical and emotional support, thus enabling chosen students to reach their full potential and become confident, community-minded young adults.

Our vision

  • To raise funds to provide quality education for disadvantaged children and help them reach their full potential.
  • To obtain sufficient funding to grow our sponsor child-base.
  • To listen to what our children have to say and, through our guidance and mentorship, assist them in defining the values and principles that will enable them to become successful and compassionate young adults and fulfil their economic and community responsibilities throughout their working lives.
  • To encourage and assist parents and/or guardians to become active participants in their children’s education.
  • To ensure correct and focused management to ensure sustainability of this project and to facilitate the continued support to those children enrolled in the programme.
  • To update our sponsors and donors regularly on the progress and achievements of the children and the Foundation.

The partnership

It goes without saying that the Foundation will be successful only if the correct partnership exists between the Foundation itself, the parents and/or guardians and the sponsored children. Excellence depends on all three partners fulfilling their roles.

The FPM Little Stars


A7B01Dotty and Clotilda are in Grade 11, working hard and doing well. Neo is now in Grade 8 and, although she had a rough start to the year, is on the way up. Onka is in Grade 4 and is showing a great improvement and Sifiso is in Grade 2 and    is doing very well.

We wish all our little stars well on their journeys this year and beyond. Make us proud!

Lee-Ann A7Lee-Ann Van Zyl
Compliance Controller

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